Beachers Match Reports

Sorry to disappoint but this report will not be as anywhere as entertaining as the Titans reports but I can only try.

As of the 28th of May The Beachers are undefeated but have had some very close results that have made us show our fighting spirit.

We started off with a steady 14-7 win at the Bearcats. We had the bare 10 players and were only introduced to some players during the warm up so we were unsure where it was heading but as we got used to each other and with some lovely batting all round including 2 home runs from our newest boy Rob and 1 from our ever present Colin we got off to a good start.

Our second game was our first at our new home ground, the lovely Mount Temple Comprehensive where we played the Temple Bar Hippertys. The Beachers were missing quite a few players and had to borrow from the other teams in the club and even talk an old hat into coming back to help us out. We had an impressive 13 run lead in the 1st innings but the Hippertys came back at us very strongly and with a couple of errors from both teams the game ended with a 21 -20 win to the Beachers.

After the week break for May, our co captain Dipum returned for our third game yet again at home, where we played the newly promoted Usual Suspects and we knew it would be the friendliest game of the season but we were unsure of how tough the competition would be. Our team seemed to balloon in size over the break and we had 3 new girls and a new fella to join our ranks. We started nice and steady and with a good performance from players old and new we had a 20 – 11 win.

Game four of the season was away to the Blazzers. This game was built up to be a close contest as at the time both teams were undefeated and only one team would end the game this way. The weather was lovely and the sun was shining but that didn’t matter to the Beachers as we started nice and strong, not letting a run in until the 4th innings while we put a few runs on the board ourselves. The Blazzers had 1 good innings where their placement hitting got us a little worried but we fixed our sights on the win and came away with the 23 – 11 result.

Game 5 and by far the closest game so far. We were at home but with a playing roster that changed 4 times in the 24 hours before the match we went in a little unsure of we were at. We knew that Marley would be strong and that is how they started. The Beachers played catch up the whole game where we would get to a level score and then Marley would go ahead again until the final innings where it ended in a 19 all draw. During the game we had a few setbacks with Shane’s unfortunate injury and players having to be moved around to unfamiliar positions and our borrowed bench players having to get their game face on quickly, we were able to fight to that drawing position. The first extra innings Marley scored two runs and the Beachers had to come up with some special batting and got those two runs back but unfortunately couldn’t come up with the runs to take the lead and end the game so we had a second extra innings where we had a strong defensive innings and didn’t let Marley score and we had to go in and bat. We had 1 out when Rob got up to bat and hit a two bagger even thou he had a bit of a dodgy groin (happened during the course of the game). So Sam comes up to the plate and hits through the middle of the diamond moving Rob onto 3rd base. Marley made a little fielding error giving Sam the opportunity to run towards 2nd base and try to get Marley into a squeeze play situation where they forgot about Rob allowing him to run home and giving the Beachers a 22 -21 win. Both teams put their softballing hearts and souls on the line and it made the game an exciting roller-coaster of emotions and play.

So that is a roundup of the Beachers first 5 games. We hope that we can continue in our winning ways but most importantly we need to continue to work as a team and hopefully have a bit of fun along the way!!

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