Match Report: Titans Home Vs. SWAT

Match Preview:

Week eleven and we are well and truly at the pointy end of the season. Titans are facing that team we are closest to in many ways more than league position, SWAT.

Last time we met in the beautiful surroundings of the SWAT home pitch beside Gormanstown College. The teams could barely be separated both on the scoreboard as well as through a couple of “close” plays on the field. This time it would be the Titans hoping to take advantage of playing at home.

Going into this game SWAT are sitting at the top of Conference One with Titans one game behind them. So far this season SWAT have proved to be the better hitters but on the flip side Titans have a better defensive record. Pre-game talk was of a very tight game in the making.

Titans line up is:

  1. Alan – CL
  2. Johanna – 2ND
  3. James – EH
  4. Jeannette – CR
  5. Paul – P
  6. Su – EH
  7. Ricardo – 3RD
  8. Elaine – 1ST
  9. JC – SS
  10. Asho / Jo Jo C – RF
  11. Conor / Dave – C
  12. Darragh – LF

Smells like Team Spirit:

Big game. That was the message Captain Paul wanted the team to understand. Was he right? Damn right! Both teams pushed the game through to a full nine, yes, nine innings.

I’ll start off with a few nice interesting numbers. Here is the Titans RBI count for the game:

Paul – 6

Elaine – 4

Su – 4

Jeannette – 2

Ricardo – 2

Alan – 1

Darragh – 1

Conor – 1

JC – 1

From these numbers it shows how valuable it has been for the team to have such strength in our female batters. Between the three of them listed here it took twice as many males to match their RBI total. It took a Captains display by Paul to edge the male count over by two. While a lot of the attention tends to get grabbed by the big hits, it’s the base hits, combined with people on base that can run, that brings home the score. Well done to the Titanettes for such a good display with special mention to JB for her first (I think) 100% hit game with 5 AB, 4 R, 2 RBI and 1 LOB. Elaine also gave a great display at bat to deliver when it counted  with 5 AB, 4 RBI and 3 LOB with one of those RBI being the winning run. Excellent work!

As ever the outfield coped very well with a few personnel changes throughout the game. SWAT proved they haven’t lost their ability to move the ball around at bat so were a constant danger. A well timed swap around of positions proved vital as Su managed to take down a couple of hits that were sent up the left field line. She was ably backed up by Darragh who managed to sweep up the short balls that found the gap. On the right side Jo Jo and Asho did a great job in scooping up a number of hits that went their way keeping the ball in front of them showing us the training is paying off. Just as with Darragh, Alan provided great back up and support for the ladies. The two boys combined well on a number of center field hits.

On the infield Captain Paul Wallace personified the Titans spirit throughout the game. In defence he stuck to using the Old Salty Truncheon pitching tactic, it was the first time I witnessed it and it was a joy to behold. At bat he switched it up another level. Having watched the team recently take part in a number of relatively low scoring games, in his pre-match write up he requested that the team pay special attention to their batting, and not to shy away from leading from the front, he proceeded to pound out the hits, culminating in 6 RBIs from 5 AB, 4 R and 1 LOB!

Combined with the confidence oozing out of the Captain the infield managed to soak up a few of the body blows of fumbled catches and overthrows to get a number of vital outs, particularly when the bases were loaded. Everyone dug deep and the heads never went down and we kept supporting each other.

At bat the team showed that it had a steely core as it turned out to be the middle of the batting order that kept the team in the game with James, Paul and Ricardo getting some 3b and 2b hits with the rest of the team getting singles throughout the game.

In normal time the game lead swapped four times with SWAT equalising the game at 14 – 14 in the 6th inning. On the 7th the teams must have felt nervous as both managed to leak runs with 4 runs each. On to our extra 8th inning which ended in a complete shutout on both sides.

Finally in the 9th inning it looked like SWAT had done enough to finish off the game with 3 runs in. Unfortunately for them they were about to meet the steely center of the Titans once again as some great base hits were made getting James and JB on base. Paul was next at bat with a tasty double and pushing home the previous two and keeping himself in play as the tying run. Unfortunately for Su her betting let her down at this point but never fear, Ricardo is here! And as he is forming a habit of, delivered a cracking hit in the closing moments of the game hit another tasty double which Paul came home on.

Tied Game.

At this point buttocks were so clenched that they could be described as vicelike. Renegades Marketing saw an amazing opportunity to do some budget savings on the minting press for the Titan – SWAT commemorative medals.

Elaine stepped up, with JC on deck getting warmed up, Elaine turned and said “Don’t worry JC, I’ve got this” and promptly hit a beautiful single which Ricardo came home on.

The place erupted! Commemorative medals scattered everywhere as the team joined in a team hug.

In honour of this game and the members of Titans I’ve re-penned the final chorus of a well-known Nirvana classic..

Well the last time,

It was a tight game,

No more missed chances,

Now let’s get out there,

I’ll get through these,

Nightmare fumbles,

Go on the Titans, Go on the Titans..

The match score was as follows:


Match 11 Inning 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th Total
Home Titans 1 1 6 1 5 0 4 0 4 22
Away SWAT 2 5 0 3 0 4 4 0 3 21

Thanks to, Robyn, Gill, Niall, Michelle, Bull, Jonathan, Jonathans Mum, Ricardos Wife, Colin and Kate for cheering us on at the sidelines. Extra special thanks go to James, Eve and Ella who made sure those that weren’t on the field at the time were kept busy.



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