Match Report: Titans Vs. Deadly Suspects

Match Preview:

Week 6 finds the Titans returning home after a massive four weeks on the road. What can I say? Captain Paul was driving and he didn’t want to ask anyone for directions, “I don’t need a GPS, I can use a map and compass to navigate, don’t you know”. Going by the grumbles in the back seats there were a few ideas on where the spare bats might be navigated.

Our opposition: Deadly Suspects. A team that always brings a great attitude and plenty of threat to their game. So far this season the Deadlys, much like ourselves, have been found on the wrong side of the scoresheet in a number of close games, with the Titans edging the results by one win. Another close competitive game was anticipated.

Once again Captain Paul “Slideshow” Wallace was off in the UK trying to make a living out of his “Trout Tickling School of Excellence” pyramid scheme. It all smells a bit fishy to me.

Will the Titans finally break the bad luck streak at home?

Here’s your list of Heroes:

1.     Alan – CR
2.     Johanna – 2nd
3.     Ricardo – 3rd
4.     Su / Jeanette – LF
5.     JC – SS
6.     Elaine – 1st
7.     James / Luke – C
8.     Jo Jo – RF
9.     Darragh – EH
10.   Asho – EH
11.   Dave – P
12.   Conor – CL

  • Subs: Jeannette / Luke

Helms Deep

We last went our separate ways with an air of desperation knowing Captain Paul was departing us shortly. Stand in Captain JC begged the Titans to hold firm and “Look to my coming at the bottom of the fourth inning. At approx. 7:45 PM look to the Right field”.

The battle lines were laid out. Titans defence took to the field looking to protect their homeland from another foreign (and maybe even worse, Southside!!) invasion. It started much like the Lord of the Rings battle for Helms deep. In one scene one of the defenders lets loose an arrow accidentally and takes an Orc in the neck. In our story Tommy from the Deadlys stepped up as leadoff batter and promptly answers Daves pitch with an infield fly ball. While it initially gave the defenders some relief, it proved to be an ill sign of what was yet to come.

The Deadlys shook off the initial shock to absolutely and ruthlessly pound the Titans defence getting 14 runs in the first two innings. In reply only our dependables could be, eh, depended on. In those first three innings only Alan, Johanna and a returning James made it home.

By then, the Titans defenders had found some inner steel and started reading the plays with increasing confidence holding the Deadlys to one run in the third inning.

This new confidence spread throughout the team as Stand in Captain JC stepped up to the plate at the bottom of the fourth. Ball and bat connected with the ball sent out to right field. JC sets off for second, at least that’s where we think he was heading, as between first and second base he appeared to start chasing his own ball and veered wide into the field. Apparently when coming off one the sun blinded him and he lost sight of the base and mistook a low flying seagull for second.

Not to be outdone Alan, Ricardo the Latino Legolas and James continued rolling out the big cannons bringing in more than their share of hits. Excellent work as usual guys particularly by James who has had a tough start to the season away from the field.

Everyone played their part in the following innings as we started to ramp up the hits with everyone getting a clean hit (as far as my rose tinted glasses allow me to see anyway). While the home runs received some welcome appreciative cheers during the game, the loudest cheers of the night has to go to Ashos monster hit over third.

The young blood also managed to, eh, draw blood, with Luke keeping James 100% at bat record intact alongside Darragh and Connor who both stepped up, brushed off the ashes of last weeks game, and got some great hits. Darragh at one point making a textbook slide on to home to keep us in the game with two away and get another run in.

Once again the outfield showed they can learn quickly and adapted to the Deadlys game plan. Alan switched around RF and RC to tighten up the partnership out there. Some excellent catches as well as well-timed covering just when it was needed.

Johanna and Elaine combined well on two and first for some excellent plays, particularly Elaine who was playing the game with the sun in her eyes for the majority of the game.

While not selected by the opposition it was unanimously agreed within the team that Dave was our player of the game. With only a 20 minute warm up session Dave took to the mound for what was a very tough game at Pitcher. He kept his head and stuck to his game plan when the Deadlys thought they found a weakness. Calm as a Hindu cow he refused to be impressed by what was going on around him and helped finish out the game by smothering out their attack. He didn’t just deliver defensively as he had an excellent record at bat.

I might as well have a permanent Open Clinic Corner on this write up as once again JB took a hard hit to the chest from a high ball. This time in warm up! Not to be outdone by JB her good friend Asho, inspired by the World Cup in Brazil tried to add a new touch by attempting to bounce the ball from shoulder to shoulder. Hope ye aren’t feeling too sore today!

No nick-names this week (apart from Ricardo as I couldn’t resist the alliteration). As you’ve followed this tale you’ll understand that these players will go down in history and become the heroes the younger generations aspire to be. To call them anything else would be a desecration of their legend (In truth it was only after I started off on a Lord of the Rings direction I quickly realised I walked myself into a dead end. I doubt the ladies would appreciate being named after long haired, beard wearing, sweaty, axe and sword wielding warriors, or even worse, Hobbits with hairy feet!)

The game finished out Titans 25 – 21 Deadly Suspects

Titans MVP’s were Alan and Elaine

Fair play to Jeannette and Luke for patiently waiting for their moment to come off the bench and to Su and James who they replaced for cheering on the team with gusto!

Feedback from the new players is that the experienced guys are doing a great job with the helping explain the rules as they crop up along with on-field tips and guidance. Game time is doing great things for Jo and Asho. Elaine and Connor getting faster at base running, apparently it helps when you’ve got someone bigger than you running up behind you! Luke is a natural, why isn’t he down more often??

Big thanks to Michelle, Bull and Jonathan for coming along to cheer us on.

We’ve broken our bad luck streak at home, onwards to better things and let’s start climbing that table!

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