Match Report: Titans Vs. Homers

Match Preview:

This week we face the Homers. Another team we are very familiar with, between league games, sharing the pitch with and against in the All Stars games, as well as various blitzes. So far this season the Homers on paper seem to be the Ying to the Oddsox Yang. In this fashion the Homers have been hitting very well but have also leaked quite a few runs.

Going in to this game both teams are coming off a win from the previous week so for the Titans it’ll be a case of delivering a strong defence and continuing to expand our hitting potential. The titans will have to play this game without some of their more experienced players in Al, Elaine and Paul.

The line up is:

  1. Ricardo – CR
  2. Johanna – 1st
  3. James – C
  4. JB – CL
  5. Luke – LF
  6. Asho – RF
  7. JC – SS
  8. Sinead 3rd
  9. Conor – 2nd
  10. Jo C – EH
  11. Darragh – EH
  12. Dave – P



Weird Science:

Experimentation, one of the last great frontiers of modern life. Without it we’d never know that Rolos mixed with Salt and Vinegar crisps are a combination made in heaven or that just the right amount of Worchester Sauce on a Ham and Cheese sandwich can make my tonsils tingle with delight! And don’t get me started on Lava Lamps and the way the colours just float around like floaty colourdy things.

Experimenting on the pitch however usually consists of James trying to steal an extra base or as per last week Connor and JC testing out the effectiveness of their new sliding techniques. This week however, with a number of experienced players out of the country or on vacation, Paul, in his wisdom decided that this was a game to, “try something new” is how I believed he put it to me. I do him a disservice in fairness, as he was mixing things up to give some of the guys a chance at playing a different position to build up a greater depth of knowledge within the team. It was also a chance to give some players an opportunity to play in their favoured position but unfortunately haven’t had the chance through injury / absence or basically because we’ve such a strong presence in those positions already.

To this end with all the mixing around of players the line up in the last inning was:

  1. Ricardo – 3rd
  2. Johanna – 1st
  3. James – RC
  4. Su – CL
  5. Luke – LF
  6. Asho – RL
  7. JC – SS
  8. Sinead 2nd
  9. Conor – EH
  10. Jo C – EH
  11. Darragh – C
  12. Dave – P



Highlights of the game being:

Ricardo had an excellent game and finally got rid of the monkey off his back that plagued his previous lead-off at bats. He has obviously been perfecting his diving technique by watching recordings of Hollands Robben in the game against Mexico. What an amazing full stretch dive to make an out!

Followed up shortly by Johanna to make another excellent out on One making it a Venezuelan one-two. Johanna also delivered at the plate and got home in every at bat, great achievement and well deserved female MVP. Her defensive display at one was great which couldn’t have been easy considering she had a very direct low sun in her eyes all the game. The boys all tried to keep the throws low but meant they were coming in fast but she was well able and scooped them all up.

Even though he didn’t make last weeks game Luke must have been watching some replays of Su’s catch from last week as he mirrored it perfectly. He then almost made a diving catch on a short left field hit. Unfortunately for Luke the ball slipped out and under him as the momentum carried him on but the most important point being he held the runner to one base instead of what could have been a 3rd base or HR hit. In the batting he started off coming home off a 3rd base hit and making a hit in each of the innings. Nice work!

James had a cracking game at bat only dropping his first hit but making the rest count. He also filled in well for Alan by providing some great verbal communication in the outfield and getting some nice catches.

The boys seemed to be determined to make the game a quiet one for the girls as both Luke and James raced across the outfield to make catches destined for Su who was playing at CL. I think we already know she can make those catches going by last weeks example.

Unfortunately for Sinead, Johanna and Elaine are proving to be a very strong combination on one and two this year but she is new to the team and slowly gaining more experience on two as the games go on. She managed to get a couple of nice outs this game as well as successfully not getting run over by Ricardo, who, with the opposition down two, smelled blood and gathered up a grounder heading for SS, continued his cross infield run to make the out on two himself even though Sinead was in position and ready to take the soft toss.

Dave has been doing an excellent job as stand-in pitcher with only giving up a couple of walks and not allowing Luke or Johanna take all the hitting glory, got a hit in every inning he was up in, including coming home on his first at bat. He was rewarded with the Male MVP by the Homers, congratulations Dave and Justifies the team giving you our MVP when he last pitched.

Starting of as a DH, Darragh was able to focus all his effort on his batting at the start of the game. This appeared to work as he once again turned his batting around and made some great hits and even though when he came in he was playing out of position at catcher he managed to get involved with a nice home to one play to get an out!

I’d like to thank everyone on the team who took the positional changes in good spirit and even surprised themselves and got outs in the “new” positions. I know some of the ladies felt they didn’t have their strongest game last night but to be fair ye have propped up the guys in the past and the only time ye got burned was when some monster hits came your way. Stick with it and ye will get it back and even though ye weren’t happy with your own game ye provided excellent and much needed support to everyone around ye. Excellent team spirit all round!

Also another thank you to Jonathan for taking the stats, Gill for calling out the order and keeping our score and well as Grace, Michelle and all the various kids for providing great entertainment on the sidelines.

There was a mention of someone missing Alan’s tight buns at the game. I’ve known the guy at least a year now and I didn’t know he was a baker!

Our last thoughts are with Paul and his family who are going through some difficult times hence his absence.


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