Match Report: Titans Vs. Oddsox Black

Match Preview:

This week Titans are back on the road heading deep into the Southside to Tymon Park to meet Oddsox Black. Before this game the Oddsox are ahead of the Titans by one win. Reading deeper into the stats the Oddsox have one of the best defensive records but also one of the worst runs scored, which explains why they aren’t any higher in their conference. Looks like Oddsox will be looking to break out of their batting funk, the question is will the Titans bring the offence to match it?

This weeks roster is once again nice a full, giving us plenty of depth, and once again, giving the newer players the chance to watch their fellow players from the side-lines as well as get some game time.

The line up is:

  1. Ricardo – 3rd
  2. Elaine – 1st
  3. James – EH
  4. Johanna – 2
  5. Paul – P
  6. Sue – LF
  7. JC – SS
  8. Jo Carberry – RF
  9. Darragh – CL
  10. Asho – EH
  11. Alan – CR
  12. Dave – C


  1. Conor
  2. Jeannette
  3. Sinead

Nature Calls:

“Remember everyone, WWFD” Said Captain Paul as he finished the team talk before the game. Everyone agreed and started getting warmed up.

“C’mere Jeannete” said Asho “what the hell is WWFD?”

“I dunno” said JB “I just nodded because everyone else did”.

“Do you think he means the wrestling guys?” said Asho.

“Wha? Like WWF? Nah I don’t think so. It wouldn’t look good if we started tackling people on the bases” said JB.

“Maybe it’s like the nature protection group WWF” suggested Sinead as she passed by.

“Oh yeah, that could be it, he kept going on about all the birds he saw last week” said Asho.

“Alright people lets focus, Ricardo is up to bat.” Paul finishes the conversation.

I’ve got to say unfortunately there wasn’t a huge amount of action in this game so for a change I’ll start off with the highlights as they make better viewing than the game breakdown.

In a move that Niall from the Beachers would be proud of Su easily made catch of the day. Up stepped the batter, trying to pick their spot as they looked out over the outfield. Our outfielders settled in, ready to take on the challenge. In flew the pitch and POW, off the bat it went heading high and straight up the left field line, bypassing third but quickly falling short. What will happen next? Well it was like a scene from the long lost Pancake Tuesday episode of Celebrity Masterchef. The one in which Linford Christie managed to break the 100 meter frying pan carry record and promptly flipped the pancake so high in the air that everyone lost sight of it until it landed on Greg Wallaces shiny pate. The difference this time being that Su was not going to let that pancake drop. In she raced from deep left, glove out like the proverbial frying pan, ready to accept its offering. With perfect timing she made the catch at a full run! Excellent stop by one of our new players, who are quickly shaking off the “New” title with plays like that!

Overall our defence was tight again with Johanna and Elaine combining excellently in swallowing up a number of lefty hits.

This was a game which showed the calibre of pitcher we have in our Captain. Their side managed to walk six of our players even though they had experienced pitchers who made it into the All Stars game. Paul pitched well counting up three strike outs, making it difficult for them to settle down and get some hits going. In total their biggest inning the Oddsox scored two.

Dependable Dave struck again! In the past being lower in the batting order was a sign of having a weak batting game. This season Paul decided he needed to have a bit of meat in the bottom of the order and Dave had provided throughout the season. In this he made it to base for every at bat and came home twice. Without the responsibility of Captain on his shoulders this season he has become the rock on which Paul is building his batting order on!

Elaine is finding her form again and matched Dave in coming home twice, excellent work!

James had a mixed game at bat but he has to get some recognition for containing his usual urge to smash the ball and took two walks therefore getting three RBI’s and coming home once himself, very valuable in the grand scheme of things!

Overall we found it tough at the plate but once again our defence was strong and we should build on that confidence so we can transfer it to our hitting. Personally I’m going to make the mental switch, stop hunting the hits and drag myself out of the batting slump I find myself in. We can do this!

JC and Connor will be starting up a “Ministry of funny slides”. Connor will be demonstrating his trademarked “Alter Boy” slide, though it is highly recommended you only try this on wet grass and avoid concrete. JC gave an excellent demonstration of what happens when you change your mind mid slide. Originally going in to slide legs first he realised this would leave his body high enough for a tag so he attempted to change and slide in on his chest. This only managed to dig his knees into the dirt and topple him forward in an ungainly heap. It got the job done however and scored the run.

With a pattern we are only too familiar with this season, things didn’t start well. Once more the dreaded the top of the order had a bit of a shocker opening up. We managed to squeeze a run in on the second inning with six at bats. From that point on we consistently scored runs in the next four innings taking a number of walks to take the pressure off. The team showed a very mature approach when the chips were down and we weren’t batting to match our previous best. As mentioned above, the whole team combined to present a very solid defence.

Let’s keep that momentum going into the next game and open up some steady batting.

MVP’s of the night were Su and Paul, very well deserved by both. It’s Su’s first MVP and I doubt it will be her last!

Just in case she thinks she got away with it! Final mention of the night has to go to JB for wearing her Titan heart on her sleeve! Over the weekend she managed to smack her little toe against something causing it to swell pretty badly. This wasn’t going to stop her wanting to get on pitch though! Unfortunately for her Captain Paul has his eye on the full season and didn’t want to risk her making it worse so wanted to rest her. JB with fire in her eyes and steel in her voice was having none of it and argued strongly that she only got half a game last week and wanted to get on the pitch. With scenes reminiscent of a premier league substitution strop JB threw the softballs out of the pram and almost made it out of the park before she was called back for a last at bat. Thanks to Jo Jo for giving up her space in the last inning.

While we generally don’t recommend this being a way of working your way on to the line-up it was good to see the passion she has for wanting to get on the pitch.

Thanks again to all our supporters who came out and to Bill who made an all too brief (and bizarre) appearance at catcher for the first inning!

Up next we have Homers at home and a game we can go into with confidence!

“Eh, Hold on there Paul!” Says Asho, “It’s been wreckin me head since you said it. What does WWFD mean?”

Paul, “You mean you’ve never heard of the Beachers legend Fearghal Cunningham? Every time I start a game I ask myself What Would Fearghal Do?”


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