Match Report: Titans Vs. SWAT

Match Preview:

Titans and SWAT last met in the league in the last game of last season. Unfortunately for the Titans we were down a number of girls close to before the game and had to play with 9. The game ended in a win for SWAT and with good nature created a friendly rivalry which is sure to continue.

Off the pitch, and thanks to Elaine for organising, the Titans had a team social on Saturday night with a trip in to Ukiyo for a bite to eat and some Karaoke. Well you know what they say about what happens in Vegas staying there? Well we were in Dublin so it doesn’t count. I wouldn’t be surprised if they could hear some of the “Hits” belted out that night all the way in Vegas! Plenty of memories created and / or stored away for when a small bit of blackmail is required! Needless to say Sundays training was bereft of Titans!

Once again we have an overflowing turn out for what is our second furthest trip to make for a game.  Here’s the roster:

1.       Dave “Immovable Object” – C

2.       Elaine “Paige”– 1st

3.       Ricardo “Inglesias”– 3rd

4.       Johanna “Running Riot” – 2nd

5.       Paul “Fiddy“ – P

6.       Jeannette  “In her cups“ – LF

7.       JC “Flat Out“ – SS

8.       Suze ”Supremes” – EH

9.       Alan “Laser Sights”– CR

10.   Sinead “Sponge”– RF

11.   Connor “Score Master”– EH

12.   Darragh “My dad took too much pleasure from that strike out” – CL

Asho “Duck and Cover” & Jo “He’s going to get it tonight, not in a good way” Carberry were brought in later in the game

Bruised and Battered

Based off our previous encounters I thought we would be in for a tough game, little did we know! We’ll get the rough and tumble out of the way first with someone trying to run over Dave the Immovable Object at home and JC getting taken out when trying to slide in at home. Dave managed to keep his ground and the ball and made the out. Unfortunately for JC (and to be honest more for the opposing catcher) the SWAT catcher overcompensated when trying to go for the tag play at home ended with both colliding and the unfortunate catcher taking a knee to the head. Luckily he was no Petr Cech however and was able to shake it off after a few minutes. We hope he’s not too sore this morning!

Some highlights from the game being:

Johanna showing us some Olympic style gymnastics / diving in making a huge overhead catch which transitioned into a backward tumble and finished with a bicycle kick flourish whilst keeping her glove in sight to confirm the catch was safe.

The outfield as a unit soaking up a lot of base hits to keep us in the game. Particularly during a period of some excellent tactical hitting by SWAT in the middle of the game.

Suzanne for keeping her brakes well a truly tuned, managing to check her run to second, making the run back to one after a fly ball was caught and she had left one with a touch too much enthusiasm.

Ricardo got some nice tag outs on three particularly a nice one when the runner on three thought Ric had switched off and tried to do a sneaky run past.

Jeannette may have woken up feeling slightly heavier on one side of her chest this morning. It wasn’t due to any form of surgery however as she is still working on her catching technique. She took a rocket to the chest as the angle of the ball proved a tricky read for her catch. Keep it up JB and you can stop saving for the operation!

There were light hearted moments of the night also.

Asho receiving a lesson in getting out of the way of a play, after a weak hit by JC she got tagged out on two. It being her first league game of the season she wasn’t ready for the play to continue after the out. By then JC had made it to one and saw that Paul was creating a squeeze play. The player on two made the throw to home giving JC the chance to make the run to two. Meanwhile Asho is quickly having a nervous breakdown and beginning to curl up into a ball as all that she can see happening around her is a lot of arm waving, JC thundering by to slide in on two and the SWAT players calling for conflicting plays to either hold the ball at home or make the throw to two.

On the side-lines the supporting crowd were kept entertained by the various methods of intimidation being deployed by our very own Jo, singularly aimed at her loving husband Bryan Carberry, Shortstop for SWAT. Whilst we didn’t catch everything that was said a few key words and phrases stood out such as; Game of Thrones, Eunuch and Snip Snip .

Apologies to Darragh for his long nickname but it had to be noted that our Blue for the game, Pat Reddy, took way too much pleasure calling the strike out.

Play of the Day has to go to double play between our ever dependable Outfield leader Alan and Infield rock Dave. Alan ran in at speed to grab a falling outfield hit making the out. Continuing his momentum he looked up and saw the runner leave base and judged the throw to home with laser guided accuracy. Dave collected the ball like a pro and seeing the runner wasn’t going to slide in as he should stood his ground and took the impact while getting the out. The runner received a warning for this dangerous play.

A lesson there for our own players to remember as it was a potentially very dangerous play, particularly if a discarded bat had been behind Dave when he fell. Runners need to remember if there is any sort of pressure play on home you have to slide in. A serious dollop of irony here in that if the SWAT runner had slid in he would have been under Daves reach and would have scored the winning run there and then.

Things to work on:

It was universally agreed at the end of the game that our route one batting out to centre left (particularly by the boys) was our downfall in the mid to later stages of the game. Unfortunately this was also called out before the game started so it’s something that really needs to be worked on. We were given a great lesson by the SWAT guys in tactical hitting last night and with the hitting ability in our girls we could have comfortably had another five runs in if our guys had hit the same.

So far this season in training we’ve stuck to fairly simple infield drills so some practice needed in complex plays e.g. Runners on one and 3, winning run on one with one out. Do we try for a 2-1 or 2-Home double play or do we hold the runner and aim for a bases loaded double, and so on..

The game finished out Titans 10 – 11 SWAT

Titans MVP’s were Ricardo and Johanna

Player Break down:

  1. Dave: 4AB, 1R, 1H, 1LOB
  2. Elaine: 4AB, 1R,1H
  3. Ricardo: 4AB, 2R, 2H, 2X2B, 1RBI
  4. Johanna M: 4AB, 1R, 1H, 1X2B, 2RBI
  5. Paul Wallace: 4AB, 2R, 4H, 1X2B, 2RBI, 1LOB
  6. Jeannette: 3AB,1R, 1RBI
  7. John: 4AB, 1R,2H,1X2B, 2FC
  8. Suzanne: 4AB, 2H, 2RBI
  9. Alan: 3AB, 1R, 2H, 1RBI
  10. Sinead: 2AB, 1H, 1FC, 1LOB
  11. Conor: 3AB, 2H,1RBI, 1LOB
  12. Darragh: 3AB, 1H, 1SO
  13. Ashling: 1AB
  14. Joanna C: 1AB, 1H

Big thanks to Michelle and Bull for coming along to cheer us on. Also thanks to Bull for helping in the warm up and Conor / Michelle for doing the scoring.

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