Match Report: Titans Vs Tullamore Tigers

The Good, the bad and the ugly.

Renegade Titans Vs. Tullamore Tigers @ Renegade playing grounds

While I’ll be trying to keep these reports as light hearted as possible I don’t think I can go straight in to it without a mention to Jo, Ricardo and Alan who all took some serious hits last night. Not to take away from Jo and Ricardo but Alan has to get a special mention for taking it for the team and selflessly showing us all why it’s important to use the glove and not the face when catching balls. He was fully aware that with the influx of new players who didn’t see Elaine’s demonstration last year and may not have realised the seriousness of such a bad decision. We are already looking for volunteers for next season’s demonstration.

In all seriousness much respect goes to Alan who out of sheer doggedness and loyalty to the team after taking a fairly horrific hit to the face stuck around to bat, even if the plasters across his nose made him look like Adam Ant towards the end. Unfortunately our on site nurse Gill left her uniform behind in IOST but she was well able to look after Alan and strap him up.

Match Preview:

Last year Tullamore Tigers proved to be a very good addition to the Leinster league with mixed fortunes in their results. When Titans and Tigers previously met up it proved to be a bruising affair with the Tigers young pitcher dislocating a finger and our Elaine collecting a thrown ball on the face. Looking forward to a tight competitive game this evening.

Titans line up:

1.            Jonny “The Jinx” Corkery – SS
2.            “Mount” Johanna – 2nd
3.            Ricardo “The Ironman”– 3rd
4.            Elaine “not the Face” – 1st
5.            Dave “Bob”– C
6.            Sinead “Sinzer” – RF
7.            James “This is way over my Head” – DH
8.            Jeannette “JB” – CL
9.            Conor “Gadget Arm” – LF
10.          Su “Camogie Cracker”– DH
11.          Alan “First Responder”- CL
12.          Paul “Captain” – P

Special appearance by “Nurse Buns” Gill Sinnamon

There can only be one title to summarise this game:

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good: Team Spirit, starting off with an excellent turnout and almost the whole team arriving early to warm up and get a quick practice in. Then while a bit shocked from Alans injury and poor showing at bat in the early stages of the game the Team as a whole pulled together and brought the fight back to the Tigers both defensively and offensively to finish the game two runs away from a drawn and pushing the game to an extra inning.

An experienced infield managed to keep their defensive record going well with a lone overthrown. This can be forgiven as Ricardo had just received a direct crack on the shin that would have any Premier League player in traction for three months. Like the true Ironman that he is he walked off the discomfort and proceeded to run the bases like a beast leading the runs in count once again. What a find this guy is!

The Bad: The usually trusty ACME Lock On™ catching gloves normally worn by the outfielders suffered a glitch and somehow reversed their polarity thereby repelling the balls instead of holding them. Unfortunately this flaw was only identified after the game. The on/off switch was found and they appear to be reset back to their default mode.

Captain Wallace was starting to get flashbacks from his RAF days with the continued attack from the big hitters in the Tigers line-up shooting the balls into outfield much like a Sky News scene when the anti-aircraft fire (in the shape of Softballs) could be seen over Baghdad .

The lead off players on batting order took an absolute pounding at the start of the game with some work on pitch selection needed.

The Ugly: Unfortunately, with timing known only by Darwins Law initiates Jonny “The Jinx” in pre-match messages made reference to being wary of injuries from the previous seasons game against the Tigers. He was forced to eat his words as taking the biggest hit of the night Alan got caught up on the new Astroturf Cricket Stripe putting him off enough that he misjudged a ball coming in high and middle and received a nasty gash on his nose. While recuperating on the sidelines and with the eternal optimism of youth on his side Alan realised he’d save himself a fiver this Halloween and not have to pay for fake scars when dressing up as Frankenstein’s monster.

Hopefully Jo’s injury won’t stop her giving her Hokey Pokey classes on the sidelines for the next match.

Play of Shame for last night has to go our returning Behemoth James Tracy giving up a double play in the bottom of 6. Cool head and base hits is what Captain Wallace asked for when he gathered everyone around for a quick team talk. But much like a Bull chasing a red arsed culchie out of a field James likes to hunt down bases and left 2nd far too early assuming that the lanky right center couldn’t contain the high ball launched out to the middle. The outfielder caught it an unfortunately James knees weren’t up for the turn around and failed to make it back to 2 before ball made it back completing the double play.

The game finished out 16-14 to the Tigers with the Titans fighting for the comeback right up to the end. Ironman Ricardo managed to come home 3 out of 4 times. Paul 2 from 3, The Jinx, Johanna and Elaine 2 from 4, Connor and Su 1 from 3, Sinead 1 from 4. Dave Bob batted well but was left on base 3 times.

Captain Wallace gathered everyone around for a debrief at the end of the game and testament to the team spirit everyone was looking for ways to fix the issues that cropped up in the game with positivity and enthusiasm for some extra training to close the knowledge gaps.

Thanks again for a big turnout on the sidelines once again to Jonathan, Grace, Michelle, Gill, Bull (Not to be mistaken with the aforementioned red arsed culchie loving bovine) and honorary Renegade John Edwards. Next game up – Wildcats @ Home

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