There is Something about Softball

The Renegades softball club has had an active off season. So much drama that it reminded me more of a comedy, and that was when watching “There’s something about Mary” a few weeks ago, I was reminded of our how wacky the Renegades off-season was. At the end of last year the Renegades Softball Club was going to have two teams in prem with back to back years of winning the first division, everything seemed to be going just right. Until of course we caught ourselves in our zipper and everything went to hell shortly after that.

No one wants to put this horrid winter behind us more than I, and rehashing it on a blog for the public to digest won’t help the hurt feelings that Matt Dillon, Brett Favre and Chris Elliott might have. Let’s just say if softball is Mary, we are all very happy to have her coming our way very soon.

The 2015 softball season will see a very different Renegades club. The Reds are no more. Long live the Reapers. As a club, and after realising we might have killed Mary’s dog, we faced the difficult problem of having two teams in prem. This isn’t an uncommon problem and clubs like 2Pak and Marlay have had to face that problem in recent years. Instead we opted to fold the Reds and have one prem team, and we will be creating a new 2nd division team called the Reapers. So the Renegades Softball Club will still have three teams, one in Prem and two in 2nd division.

The long off season took it’s toll on us all but thankfully we are nearly there. The Brian Walsh Cup (formerly the SOS blitz) is only a few weeks away. The actual Leinster League season begins in less than a month on the 20th of April. I know I can’t wait. There’s something about softball…

All views, both warped and sound are solely the author’s (Jonathan Spielberg) and he can safely attest that he has never caught “himself” in his zipper, but he did resuscitate a dying dog.

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