About Softball

What is Softball?

Softball is a bat and ball team sport similar to both rounders and baseball. Despite the name, the ball is not soft! It is a solid, leather covered ball about four inches in diameter.

The Softball game consists of two teams alternating between batting and fielding. A team consists of ten players. The fielding team wear large leather gloves to assist in catching the ball. The batting team take turns hitting the ball with a bat. Bases are laid out in a diamond pattern on the field – first, second, third and home plate. The Pitcher is positioned at the centre of the diamond and pitches the softball towards the Batter who is standing next to the home plate.

In Baseball, the Pitcher throws the ball over his shoulder to the Batter at speeds of up to 90 m.p.h. In softball, the Pitcher throws the ball underarm at a ‘softer, slower’ pace (hence the game’s name).

The object of the game for the batting team is to hit the ball ‘fairly’ and advance from base to base to score runs. The object of the game for the fielding team is to ‘catch out’ or run out the Batter in order for their team players to get a chance to bat.

At the end of seven innings (alternating between batting and fielding), the team scoring the highest number of runs wins the game.

Why Play Softball?

Softball is almost unique in the fact that it is played as a mixed team game. It is a sociable sport to play on a long hot Summer’s day or evening, preferably with a few cold drinks at hand on the sideline with friends or family cheering you on. You can take part irrespective of your athletic ability and gradually become fit over the summer while meeting new people and having a great time!

When does the softball season begin?

The Softball season begins towards the end of April and continues until September. So even if you hear about the game mid season, get in touch with Renegades Softball Club. It’s never too late to play.

How do I find out more about softball?

A detailed verbal or written explanation on how to play Softball is difficult to grasp. Therefore, we recommend that you watch a game being played to obtain a better feel and understanding for it. If you are watching a ‘friendly’ game, ask if you can join in.

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