Personal Information, Photos and Stats

I hope more Renegades and friends are starting to come to our website for info, news and upcoming events. We have been working hard to regularly post articles and events, but we need your help and your sign-off. As members of the Renegades Softball Club you will be at games, training sessions and blitzes where photos will be taken and you may be in those photos which might be used on our website. Your batting average and your name will also be posted on our website. If you do not want your photo or your name posted then please let us know. We will not post anything other than your stats (batting and fielding) your name, not your phone number or your email. We will always try and get permission for each photo we post that you are featured in, but occasionally you might be in the background. So the long and short of it is If you are in witness protection, or are trying to keep your .800 batting average a secret cause you don’t want that big league draft offer to come in – then by all means let us know. Look out for the Player Stats page to go live withing the next week or so.

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