Opening Day

The Renegades 2014 season starts today, the 22nd of April, with the Reds return to the Premier Division. Yesterday saw 24+ eager players come out for that last training of the preseason and the weather cooperated with sunshine and a good mix of Reds and Beachers and nearly a full team of Titans, some returning but a lot more new to the game.

Opening day has a magical feel, something indescribable with each team undefeated and the possibilities brimming. Today the Reds go out to Three Rock Rovers Hockey club to take on the Dodder Dynamoes. Last year the Reds lived the dream, going undefeated for the entire season. Now they need to take that streak and return to Prem with the confidence that they not only belong in this division, but they can succeed.

Wednesday, 23rd of April will see the Beachers start their season against north side neighbors the Castleknock Bearcats. The Bearcats was one of the three teams to finish ahead of the Beachers last year, the other two being the Reds and the Blazzers, and to come away with a win would be excellent especially this early on in the season. Last year the Beachers went 1-4 in their first 5 games and then went 7-2 the rest of the season. But to paraphrase co-captain Samantha Cuddy at training yesterday “our goal is to go out there and have fun playing, no yelling and no stress.”

This is the year of the Titans. Team captain Paul Wallace has worked hard along with the rest of the club to recruit new players. The Titans hope to field its strongest team to date and it will be crucial to perform well as they face an intricate schedule with two conferences in the 2nd division. Coming away from the Start of Season Blitz with the Bowl was a nice way to start. Titans begin their season at ALSAA on Monday, 28th of April against the Thunderbolts.

For a complete listing of the Renegades 2014 schedule please check out our own site here or go to the Softball Leinster match page and look up your specific division. See you on the diamond…

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