Recruitment Posters

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Want to help your club recruit? Well try one of these posters on for size. We have three but they are all pretty similar. Hopefully one of these will be the right one in the right location. If all 40+ members put up 1-2 posters we’d be overflowing with players.

The first poster is the “Calling all Women” poster. We are always looking for women to play our coed sport, and this is targeted towards them.


The second poster is more co-ed friendly. If you think there are more guys looking to play then girls, or more importantly if you think women will be more likely to play if there are men coming down as well use this one.


The third poster is pretty much the same as the one above but also mentions the open day on March 22nd. Good for the next week or so, but not so much after then.


That’s all for now. See you at our open day on March 22nd.

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